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Successful market debut for BoldMove’s Smash & Reload dark ride family

Following significant interest in Smash & Reload at IAAPA Expo in Barcelona, the team is now moving forward with the further roll-out across several projects. “All groundwork has been done at conceptual design level and it’s been very encouraging to meet several parks owners who want to add a Smash & Reload to their attraction offering and have exactly that space to fit it in.” states Benoit Cornet, CEO of BoldMove Nation, who based the concept design on twenty years of interactive and awarded dark ride expertise.

BoldMove’s partner Triotech is demonstrating the Smash & Reload dark ride in miniature 3D-size at its booth in Orlando. Triotech applies its high-level, engaging show control, sound and interactive technologies to build the ride. As Concept Designer, BoldMove devises gameplay and media content with partner Polymorph, including experience design for smooth integration into the themed area or venue.

“After launching Smash & Reload in the midst of the pandemic, we have finally been able to truly show the concept to the market. We are excited to see our vision confirmed as it fits so perfectly and naturally in most European parks we have been visiting, with just some minor adaptations to their infrastructure. This ensures that the parks are getting value for each dollar they spend. With a gameplay totally geared towards fun and experience, we achieve our mission: an extraordinary experience at a reasonable price tag – the very foundation of getting back to the essentials.”

A totally new IP has been designed for the ride, featuring TooMush characters with fun and easy gameplay for the entire family. By loading their devices and aiming at the deformed zombie mushrooms, players can transform them back into their cute original status, preferably before they reach the city. However, it is not the sole gameplay BoldMove is developing, other characters and interactivity forms are under development.

Smash & Reload is conceived in such a way that it guarantees fun for all ages. Mixed family squads can just load, aim and enjoy the high energy and colorful surrounding from their rotatable vehicles. More advanced players discover new dimensions in the gameplay and build a high score to challenge themselves and their friends. On installation side BoldMove has taken the concerns of parks into consideration by centralizing most cabling and technology in a central unit, easy to access and maintain. With its amazing visitor capacity on a small footprint, both versions of Smash & Reload offer the best price to throughput ratio across the industry.

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