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Steps to a successful waterpark renovation

Keeping the attraction mix fresh is always top of mind if you’re a waterpark owner. While adding a new ride or attraction might often be top of the list, you might not have the budget for a larger new installation every year. That’s when a renovation project might be something that you consider.

Renovation can encompass many different changes or updates that you could make within your park, from rebranding a ride or area to adding lighting or sound effects to an existing waterslide. The key is to figure out what pieces and parts you have in place to work with and then decide what to do with them.

To help you evaluate how to make a renovation project work for your facility, we asked Jim Dunn, President for Aquatic Development Group a series of questions about renovation projects and what makes them successful in today’s market.

Reading through his responses, you’ll quickly see why undertaking a renovation project in 2021 could be just the thing to keep your waterpark fresh and ready to get your guests excited for their next visit.

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