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S&S – Sansei Technologies debuts Spin Shot Tower

New from S&S – Sansei Technologies, the Spin Shot takes the thrills and excitement from their 4D Free Spin coaster seat and puts it on their tower rides. For a modest investment, the Spin Shot can be retrofit on any S&S tower.

Custom ride profiles can be programmed to orient the rider, face-up, face-down or even upside down during the tower ride sequence. This thrilling experience will be mechanically controlled to ensure maximum safety and thrills for all riders.

S&S recognises the current market challenges and the limited capital expense budgets most parks now face. Josh Hays, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, said, “Our CEO, Tim Timco, challenged us to develop an exciting attraction that parks could offer their customers at a modest budget. We believe our talented engineering team has met that goal. Parks want to offer their guests new and exciting experiences every year. That is a difficult task right now, but we believe our new Spin Shot Tower will allow parks with existing tower rides to reward their guests with a thrilling experience that doesn’t break the bank.”

The Spin Shot is a patented product only available from S&S – Sansei Technologies.

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