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S&S 4th Dimension Coaster for China

S&S Worldwide is to build a 4th Dimension Coaster at Changzhou Dinosaur Park in China in time for 2011 season.

Described as “the most technologically advanced coaster on the planet,” the ride will be the third of its kind, following X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California and Eejanaika at Fujikyu Highlands in Japan.

“We appreciate yet another opportunity to build and install this incredible coaster, and we anticipate that the amusement industry will be very excited about its upcoming installation,” declares S&S vice-president of sales and marketing, Kevin Rohwer. ““This amazing, extreme coaster takes riders on a journey to an unchartered dimension.”

Unlike traditional coasters where trains travel parallel the track, the 4th Dimension sends riders screaming along its 3,600ft course aboard wing-shaped seats suspended outside the track. Each 24-seater train comprises 12 two-abreast ride vehicles, six either side of the rack. The seats perform a predetermined series of head over heels and forward and backward spins during the ride.

Passengers face backwards as the train leaves the station and begin a 250ft (76-metre) ascent to the crest of the lift hill. They then get a sweeping view of the surrounding area before plunging off the near vertical first drop. As the seats suddenly flip forward, riders are placed in a unique and thrilling position facing the ground. The steep first drop is insane, reaching a breathtaking speed of nearly 80 mph (129kp/h). As the passengers soar through the non-stop sequence of raven turns, dives and half-twists, the smooth rotation of the seats creates an added surprise with every turn or drop, and an intensity that never lets go.

Located in the city of the same name, about two hours from Shanghai, the Changzhou Dinosaur Park is currently undergoing a major expansion. This year it will open a new Zamperla family coaster, Huss King Kong and a 56-metre S&S Combo tower ride featuring both Space Shot and Turbo Drop functions. A Huss Sky Tower (observation tower) is also due to open outside the park in 2010.

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