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Spider-Man 2.0

New high-definition animation, new 3D projection, and high-tech wraparound 3D glasses are central to the new-look Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure.

The attraction’s sets, audio system and lighting have also been upgraded.

The new animation comes to life across the attraction’s towering visual spaces – some of which are more than four stories tall and just as wide. Live special effects such as heat blasts and water surges as well as the motion of the ride vehicle are precisely calibrated to match the animation so that riders will feel as if the on-screen adventure is happening to them in real life.

As they reanimated the attraction film, the creative team added hundreds of new details and effects. Guests will see moss swaying in the wind, rats scurrying through the streets and hear electricity arching so close it will raise the hair on the back of their necks.

And for the first time ever, Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance inside the attraction in digitally animated form.


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