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Slugterra coming to HOLOGATE

HOLOGATE, a Munich-based market-leading virtual reality (VR) company, with the largest VR entertainment network of over 400 live locations and over 5 Million players per year, has announced that they will be releasing Slugterra on HOLOGATE systems worldwide, further expanding their already extensive, fun-for-everyone, games library, with this action-packed, class-based, slug-slingin’ shooter.

With their team, players use slug-slingers to shoot slugs while jumping from platform to platform in a deep, cavernous, underground.

Players can choose from four different, class-based characters; Eli, the ‘All-Rounder’, with his combination of offensive fire and electrical slugs; Trixie, the ‘Tactician, whose slugs slow opponents down and penetrate through cover; Pronto, the ‘Rogue’, whose jetpack lets him move quickly while he smokes players with fart clouds or goos them with acidic slime; or Kord, the “Tank”, who moves more slowly, but can hammer his opponents with his Rammstone and Sticky Grenuke slugs.

On top of that, players will also explore the expansive and multilevel gamespace, using each slug’s special powers to gain the advantage against the other team to achieve victory.

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