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by Severn-Lamb

Severn-Lamb has designed a new road train for the US market – a large yet elegant vehicle clearly influenced the firm’s classic rail trains.

“This borrows very heavily from our Jupiter rail trains,” acknowledges Patrick Severn-Lamb. “We have even tried to shield the wheels as much as possible to make it look as though it could be on rails.”

Equipped with a 6.4 litre 350bhp diesel engine, the train is based around a Ford F-250, and so carries a warranty from the car manufacturer, enabling owners to take it into a Ford dealer for a service. Extras include a camera inside the train and a bank of sound effects.

The first unit, supplied together with two 32-seater coaches, has been sold to Dockyard TLC in Bermuda, where it will be used to transport cruise ship passengers from the pier to downtown when their vessel is in harbour.

By building the train in the US, rather than the UK, Severn-Lamb is able to save its American customers from hassles with exchange rates and shipping and keep the price low. Of course, thanks to the weak dollar, European buyers may also find it cost-effective to import!

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