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Skyline introduces a family of Skywarps

Skyline Attractions recently introduced their prototype Skywarp, the world’s first-of-its-kind dual looping ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, where it has been dubbed the Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster. The coaster-appearing ride is fully powered throughout with a preset program so that it never coasts, but offers continuous inversions along a horizontally stacked, lemniscate (figure eight) track.

Using the same propulsion system, Skyline Attractions has now created and is offering a family of Skywarp designs with two alternative layouts, Horizon and Eclipse. The Horizon layout resembles the original Skywarp lemniscate but laid on its side. The Eclipse layout has repositioned the two loops side-by-side and enlarged them.

Horizon rises just 9m from the ground and boasts a track length of 88m. With a double train it carries 32 people (1,100 pph) or a single train of 16 riders (550 pph) at a maximum speed of 30 mph. It requires a land area measuring 35m by 17m.

Eclipse is larger, taller, and faster. At a height of 30m, it transports up to 40 riders (850 pph) over 183m at a maximum speed of 50 mph. It covers a footprint of 40m by 18m.

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