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Skycoaster upgrades Video

Last month at the annual Skycoaster Safety Seminar in Cedar Point, Ohio, Skycoaster announced their new partnership with JoyTech. That’s an automated, customisable video software that enhances the thrill-seeker experience by documenting each flight into shareable memories with friends, family, and social media:

“We are proud to introduce the JoyTech Skycoaster Video System, says Christian Lindvall Dahlgren, Chairman – JoyTech AS. “A fully automated video system that delivers a personal video straight to the customer’s phone within minutes of the ride is a very powerful tool both for revenue and marketing. The Skycoaster just got digital.”

Riders carry a Trigger Card in their pocket during flight which, through their high-tech sensors, activates the system to record, upload (into the JoyTech cloud), sort, edit, and distribute the video. The editing software also comes with endless editing possibilities, including custom intro/outro and sponsored messages.

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