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Sky Rail adds thrills to Sky Tykes

Innovative Leisure has announced a new development for its Sky Tykes junior ropes course with the addition of a Sky Rail zip line to the attraction.

Designed specifically for children aged 2 to 7, Sky Tykes provides youngsters with a variety of rope-based challenges that help promote self-confidence while having fun. The new Sky Rail element, on which children can soar across the tyke-sized course (see image), provides an engaging experience that is deigned to enhance entertainment for users.

“Children are naturally adventurous and love to try out new activities,” said Innovative Leisure’s Phil Pickersgill. “The Sky Tykes courses already provide many opportunities to do just that in perfect safety but the addition of the Sky Rail brings a whole new adventure to the attraction and one that will be hugely popular with young guests.”

The proportionally sized rope challenges on Sky Tykes ropes courses include tremor bridges, rope beams and turbo stirrups which mimic similar elements on the larger Sky Trail attractions.

Sky Tykes ropes courses can be customised to fit into a variety of venues including farm parks, amusement parks, family entertainment centres, shopping centres and more. Essentially, anywhere that parents of young children will appreciate having a play zone scaled to fit young children’s heights and skill levels.

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