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Sky Eye towers over Tampa

Visitors to this year’s Florida State Fair (February 9 to 20) in Tampa could enjoy more than 115 rides, including a brand new and noteworthy new addition for 2017. Presented by midway co-ordinator Wade Shows, the 155ft (47m) Sky Eye from Dutch manufacturer Lamberink is one of the tallest travelling giant wheels in North America. From the top, on a good day, passenger can apparently see more than 15 miles (24km).

The wheel can also be seen from a considerable distance, especially at night. More than half a million LEDs, fitted while the ride was under construction in Florida, ensure its place as the brightest spectacle on the fair. The 524,000 red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple lights require more than six miles of wiring (9.7 km).

The Sky Eye takes approximately 720 man- hours to assemble and dismantle. Comprised of more than 500 pieces, put together with the aid of an 80-ton crane. In all, the ride weighs more than 400,000 pounds (181,437 kg) – as much as two blue whales.

The ride under construction in Tampa

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