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Six Flags to pilot Amazon Just Walk Out tech

Six Flags is set to become the first theme park operator to utilise Just Walk Out – Amazon’s cashless and cashierless shopping experience.

The technology, which changes the face of retail completely, allows a customer to scan a smartphone app as they enter a store and be automatically billed for whatever purchases they make as they leave, eliminating any sort of payment steps traditionally associated with a retail transaction.

Set to be introduced at Six Flags under the name ‘Quick Six’, customers will enter the 400sq ft (37sq m) store using either their payment card or Amazon One device. They will then select their food, drinks and Six Flags merchandise before simply leaving.

The technology will be soft launched first at New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure at the start of June. If the trial is a success, Just Walk Out will also be implemented at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California.

“We always look at how we can use technology and innovation to enhance the guest experience,” Stephanie Borges, global VP of strategic marketing and partnership at Six Flags Entertainment told Modern Retail.

“If somebody is coming in and they want to just buy a quick bag of chips and a Coca-Cola, this is going to create a really unique experience for them to come in, grab and go much more quickly than having to wait in line. This also helps from a staffing perspective as we look at being very nimble in that space.”

The rollout is the result of a partnership between Six Flags and Amazon, as well as Six Flags’ strategic partner, Coca-Cola.

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