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Six Flags – not just chicken tenders anymore!

by Larry Litton

In the last four seasons, Six Flags parks across the United States have gone through a dramatic transformation. We are especially proud of the improvements we have made in our food locations.

As someone who has 28 years’ experience in the restaurant business, ranging from fast food to high end dining and proprietorship, I have enjoyed the challenge immensely, and the rewards of our efforts.

From lunch through to dinner, Six Flags considers our guests’ wants and cravings by supplying a menu with an assortment of options to choose from. Who can resist a funnel cake, cotton candy, or an ice cream cone dipped in sprinkles or chocolate? If there’s a healthy meal option, even better!

Today parents are more conscious than ever about what their children are consuming. Theme park favorites, such as huge slices of pizza or gourmet hot dogs, are always available, but if you would prefer a Grecian Chicken Pita and a cup of fresh fruit, we have that too. While catching some sun in the waterpark, enjoy fresh hand battered cod, fried clam strips and scallops on a seafood platter. A new favourite dessert and a great finish to any meal is our gelato, featuring one-third the calories of regular ice cream.

At Six Flags, we strive to be excellent in everything we do, and certainly our food service is no exception. We select only the finest produce that is at the peak of freshness and flavour. We prepare for one day’s business at a time to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are used and served each day. This may seem like the very basics of food service, but it is a vital first step in serving outstanding products. We understand the difference between a high quality offering and processed and artificial foods.

Our change in food philosophy has been all encompassing. We are committed to serving restaurant quality meals with restaurant quality service. Whenever possible we operate display kitchens adding a show element to our new and remodelled locations. We are after all, in the business of entertaining!

Any restaurateur will tell you that you are only as good as your food and your service. Our commitment to hiring enthusiastic and talented employees and providing them with exceptional training and supervision is what has led us to where we are today.

Larry Litton has been president of Six Flags New England, Agawam, Massachusetts, since September 2006. He previously served as vice-president and general manager of Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado after a 26-year career in the hospitality industry, where he won awards for his focus and success at a variety of levels.

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