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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom returns as “The Marine World Experience”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, California, will re-open the park tomorrow (2 July) with a special limited time, animals only experience. This special preview event will offer exclusive, up close and personal animal experiences, with no rides in operation. During this reduced capacity period, the park is implementing extensive new safety measures and hygiene protocols, including several new advanced technology systems to protect guests and employees. These procedures will be adjusted on an as-needed basis to ensure compliance with state and local recommendations.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s animal residents have missed the guest interaction during the park’s closure. Now they are leading the charge to reopen and hitting the rewind button back to 1986, when the park first opened its gates in Vallejo. Guests can step into yesteryear with the return of The Marine World Experience, a celebration of the park’s 34-year legacy of educational and thrilling wildlife adventures. This limited time special event kicks off in advance of the full park reopening, which will be announced at a later date.

Guests can explore their wild side by visiting the park’s most current famous resident, Cain and the rest of the lion cub pride with daily educational sessions at the new Cain’s Lion Cub Island. Additionally, a wide array of unique offerings throughout the park will feature informative talks with animal care specialists, new opportunities to meet and learn more about animals, and various animal demonstrations in outdoor venues that are sanitized and marked for social distancing.

“Re-opening the park and allowing our animals to see our guests again will have a positive effect,” said Six Flags Discovery Kingdom director of Animal Care, Dianne Cameron. “The reality is our guests provide visual and mental stimulation for our animals, which contributes to their overall welfare. Many animals watch humans as much as humans watch animals.”

“The health and safety of our guests and team members remains our number one priority and we are very excited to welcome our guests back to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for The Marine World Experience,” said Six Flags Discovery Kingdom park president Don McCoy. “The new safety measures we have in place are designed to create an environment where our guests can have fun with family and friends and feel safe while doing so. We greatly appreciate the state, county, and city officials for their support of our efforts to reopen. We also thank our valued Members and Season Pass Holders for their loyalty. We are ready to get the summer started.”

The park will employ an online reservation system to manage attendance, schedule guests for entry by day, and to stagger arrival times to minimize proximity exposure.

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