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Simworx introduces new adventure filled Metro of Time motion simulator

Dynamic media attractions specialist Simworx has introduced another new attraction to its ever-growing product range in the shape of the Metro of Time motion simulator.

Offering a range of different immersive experiences, Metro of Time takes riders on a journey through four of time’s forgotten ages, including a safari though prehistoric lands, an exploration of ancient Egyptian tombs seeking lost treasures, a Medieval quests to save a princess and on an exciting chase through the old Wild West.

The attraction offers four unique metro themed 4D Cinemas, available individually or in multiples, each with a capacity of 40 people. The fully themed carriages each incorporate 3DOF motion seats, surround sound audio, on-board special effects and seven LED screen ‘windows’ that transport passenger to anywhere an operator’s imagination wants to take them.

Before boarding the metro, guests are taken through a pre-boarding experience that puts a twist on a typical trip to the metro station. When a mysterious geomagnetic storm hits and things start malfunctioning, guests are encouraged to rush into the train carriages to leave the station. But little do they know that they haven’t escaped the storm just yet!

As they set off on their journey things begin to go wrong and the train takes a diversion. Arriving at each ‘destination’ the whole carriage show wall opens, revealing a huge projection screen, which, in conjunction with the on-board screens, combine to tell a truly immersive and compelling story. Guests can take a tour of the land that time forgot, meeting Dinosaurs, followed by an exploration into the ruins of Pharaoh’s shrines with archaeologists, fight dragons with the courageous knights of the round table and rescue a damsel in distress, before rounding off their adventure with a wacky pursuit of a bank robbing bandit through mines in the Wild West. The attraction is available with custom or library film content that is specifically designed for this ‘time travelling’ attraction.

“With complete show control, optional effects and integrated AV systems the Metro of Time offers an ideal solution for those looking for a variation on the traditional 4D Cinema,” said Simworx sales director Edward Pawley. “It is also available in individual or multiple units, providing venues of all sizes with different options depending on what their requirements may be. It’s a great addition to the Simworx product range and complements our other attractions perfectly.”


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