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Simworx and Frontgrid partner for ParadropVR at Denmark’s Universe Science Park

UK based dynamic simulation attractions specialist, along with adventure attractions partner company Frontgrid, have joined forces to announce the opening of the world’s first ParadropVR.

Universe Science Park, Denmark, has expanded its VR area with the addition of a four-person ParadropVR attraction. ParadropVR will provide guests with a ‘next level experience’, where spectators can watch the action on TV screens installed on each unit, and players can compete to climb the park-wide scoreboard.

ParadropVR combines dynamic physical movement with free roam VR content, with 100% of the gameplay controlled by the visitor for a totally unique, and realistic, flying experience. Flyers will experience up and down motions, sudden drops and smooth deceleration, and an interactive game element that awards points to riders as they make their way ‘back down to earth’ via a series of targets through which they must fly.

Riders move through a vertical distance of 1.8m during the experience, multiple theming and content options are available, and the modular design allows for high hourly capacity.

Commenting on the attraction, Universe Science Park’s COO Jonas Luttermann said: “We are very happy and proud to have the world’s first ParadropVR™. Our guests are very pleased with it. My favourite guest feedback is from a ‘fear of heights family’ who ended up paragliding in Austria this summer after several visits to Universe. They have told us what a fantastic experience our ParadropVR™ is and how they challenged the levels and got more and more points in the game on each and every visit. These amazing experiences triggered an urge to try it in reality, despite a fear of heights. They sent us a ‘thank you’ for paving the way for these experiences.

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