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Simtec expands manufacturing facilities

Simtec is expanding its manufacturing facilities in Brunswick, Germany, in order to deliver on a major upcoming project for a US-based client.

Simtec cannot yet provide further details on this project, although the business has revealed that the client has a global reach within the entertainment sector.

The manufacturing facilities which are to be expanded were first built in 2018, when the 5,500 sq m  hall was built
as an assembly and test hall to meet all customer requirements, and for the building and testing of larger systems.

Since then, a large loading and unloading area for trucks and access to the hall has been built. Construction work has now also begun inside the hall in order to be able to meet all customers’ assembly and testing requirements.
Additionally, another 800 sq m warehouse is currently under construction in the northeast of the site
to keep the distances to the manufacturing facilities short.

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