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Silver Dollar City hits
 all-time record attendance in 2018

Silver Dollar City’s $26 million investment in Time Traveler, the world’s fastest, steepest and tallest spinning coaster, along with its other attractions, shows, and food proved to be a winning formula for the 1880s-style theme park, reporting nearly 2.2 million guests (actual total 2,184,000) visiting the park in 2018, the highest numbers in the park’s 59-year history. Part of the successful year is also attributed to the globally-acclaimed “An Old Time Christmas” event, closing out the year with the highest-recorded attendance in the festival’s history.

“This year’s record-breaking attendance is contributed to the fact that throughout the entire year, increasing numbers of families and adult couples are making the journey to visit both Silver Dollar City and Branson,” said Brad Thomas, President of Silver Dollar City Attractions. “In addition to award-winning rides like Outlaw Run and Time Traveler, in 2019, we will add focus to shows and festivals. We will continue to provide new, creative and original ways for families to create memories worth repeating, while still paying tribute to the values that built this truly special place. These new shows and events will join the schedule of our already impressive live-entertainment lineup.”

The Year of Shows and Festivals in 2019 marks a new era of even bolder entertainment, larger-than-life shows and festival adventures. Additions like the new, original mega-production Reuben’s Swashbuckling Adventure and new fall, nighttime experience Pumpkin Nights, are just a few of the new adventures Silver Dollar City will present in 2019.

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