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Siam Park unveils new water coaster

The thunder has arrived at Siam Park; the Water Kingdom has officially presented Saifa, its new slide. Saifa – meaning ‘lightning’ in Thai – is an electric attraction, where visitors battle it out in an aquatic race for 307 metres.

As a double slide, Saifa allows for a thrilling duel in which the sliders compete against each other in a thrilling downhill chase. But that’s not all: the saucers, with fast, swooping open curves, add an extra dimension to the adventure.

During the ride, participants can watch their opponents in the adjacent lane, which not only adds to the visual appeal, but also reinforces the competitive nature of the duel.

Another highlight is the ‘head-to-head’ section, in which the sliders race towards their competitors practically head-on.

The topographical design of the track is innovative and unique. Saifa doesn’t just drive spectacularly down the slopes. These are effortlessly overcome with the help of powerful boosters, adding speed and catapulting visitors upwards. The result is an attraction that is not only longer than expected, but also surprises visitors.

Seen from below, the attraction is not visible in its entirety, and the real ride only becomes clear when visitors tackle the steep descents and winding sections at breakneck speed.

The attraction’s grand finale gets hearts racing as participants shoot off towards the horizon at full speed for a mesmerising finish, before finally plunging into the pool.

The designer of the attractin, ProSlide, was able to take full advantage of the park’s orography, capitalising on the rocky landscape of the island of Tenerife to achieve steep slopes on the ride, which take adrenaline and vertigo to their maximum expression.

“With Saifa we continue to strengthen our commitment to innovation and quality, creating an attraction that will offer an unparalleled experience to our visitors, and that will strengthen our position as the best theme park in the world,” said vice president of the Loro Parque group, Christoph Kiessling.

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