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Sharing experiences important

The ability to capture and share an experience via photo or video is almost as important as the experience itself, according to new research from Magic Memories. A global survey of 2,600 adults reveals that 75% of consumers unite in the importance of taking photos to mark a visit to an attraction, theme park or museum, although among Australians and Americans that proportion rises to 80% compared to 69% of Britons. Brits seem keener to brag about their fab experiences, with 43% saying it’s important to share the memories they have captured digitally on social media, compared to 38% and 39% of American and Australian visitors respectively.

The most voracious group when it comes to memory capture and sharing are parents of children under 16, with 83% valuing photos and 61% video content. More than half of parents (51%) are keen to share their experiences on social media and 66% place high value on having a physical memento of their day out.

“Creating the ultimate guest experience has to start with understanding your customer,” advises Chris Warhurst, CEO, Magic Memories. “No attraction is the same, and visitor preferences change based on demographic and geography. Memory creation, capture and sharing is clearly an intrinsic part of any day out for friends and families, and so taking the time to research attitudes and behaviors for each individual attraction we partner with is critical to our continued success.”

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