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Semnox Play Pass system now available in all Chuck E. Cheese stores in Saudi Arabia

Semnox has added another feather to its cap with Unique Hospitality Group implementing the Play Pass system at all its Chuck E. Cheese stores in Saudi Arabia.

Unique Hospitality Group owns more than 14 Chuck E. Cheese franchise stores across Saudi Arabia, which are regarded as the #1 place for birthdays and the place ‘Where A Kid Can Be A Kid’. Chuck E. Cheese has a goal to create positive, lifelong memories for families through fun, play and delicious handmade pizza.

With the first-of-its-kind gaming experience, All You Can Play, kids have access to play every game at Chuck E. Cheese as many times as they want on any day, without any restrictions.

“We are glad that we have deployed the Play Pass system across all our stores in Saudi Arabia. This system has enhanced the customer experience at our stores. They don’t need to carry the tokens around to play games. Everything runs on the Play Pass system as it should, and all the metrics related to the Game performances are just a click away,” said Mr Talal Azari, General Manager, Chuck E. Cheese Franchise, Unique Hospitality Group.

“We have had a smooth rollout of the Play Pass System at all the Chuck E. Cheese stores owned by Unique Hospitality Group in Saudi Arabia. It has been a pleasure working with Mr Azhari and his team. With comprehensive reporting management tools, Semnox has largely reduced the need for manual inputs and has improved the Game performance views for analysis purposes,” said Meghashyam, client manager (MEA), Semnox Solutions DMCC.

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