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SeaWorld reopens sea turtle habitat

Image: SeaWorld
Image: SeaWorld

SeaWorld San Diego has reopened its upgraded habitat for sea turtles.

Eight new skylights have been added to Turtle Reef, a new viewing window and new species of tropical fish. Turtle Reef, which has been closed since October 2021, also features loggerhead sea turtles and endangered hawksbill sea turtles. Flooring throughout the viewing areas has been repainted, new themed rocks have been added and air conditioning ducts have been installed.

Eric Otjen, curator of zoological operations and animal rescue at SeaWorld San Diego, said: “Sea turtles play an important role in maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems including, among other things, maintaining healthy seagrass beds and coral reefs, but sadly every species is currently threatened or endangered.”

“Through combining education with world-class animal care and permanent homes for sea turtles that cannot be returned to the wild ocean, SeaWorld is furthering its conservation mission to protect marine animals and their habitats.”



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