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Sea Jellies Illuminated coming to Sea World

Sea World has partnered with Griffith University to bring the beauty and wonder of sea jellies to life with the announcement of the Sea Jellies Illuminated exhibit opening in April 2018.

Sea Jellies Illuminated will feature an array of sea jelly displays and educational elements to take Sea World guests on an illuminating journey as they delve into the fascinating underwater world of these aquatic animals.

This unique and exciting exhibit will also incorporate a working research laboratory that will be on display allowing guests to view Griffith University students undertaking research into the fascinating world of sea jellies.

Sea World Director of Marine Sciences, Trevor Long said this fascinating exhibit will provide greater public awareness and education about a varying species of jellies.

“Sea Jellies rank among the most fascinating creatures of the sea and this exhibit will provide guests with an opportunity to get an up-close look at the incredibly interesting species,” he said.

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