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Schlitterbahn Vacation Village

Preparations for new waterpark at advanced stage

There may have been plenty of icy weather to endure throughout the winter months, but the Schlitterbahn waterpark in Kansas City is starting to take shape, and at the time of writing over 90% of site work was complete.

A number of team members have been appointed, including general manager Keith Fontenot, who has worked for Schlitterbahn Waterparks since 1994. An International Lifeguard Training Program instructor, he serves on the Ellis & Associates Advisory Board and IAAPA waterpark committee.

Project manager Katherine Fontenot directs the construction process and overall resort development. She and has worked for the Schlitterbahn Development Group for three years. Marketing Director Christopher Ozimek joins the Schlitterbahn team after 12 seasons with Cedar Fair and is also president of the Greater Kansas City Attractions Association. Meanwhile architectural design co-ordinator Mark Stuart has a bachelor of architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati and a master of architecture degree from Texas Tech University.

The first phase of the waterpark is scheduled to open this summer with more than a dozen state-of-the-art attractions including the world’s largest tidal wave river, a Master Blaster water coaster, a hot tub with swim-up bar, several mammoth tubing rivers and chutes, giant water slides, an interactive area for smaller children and more.

Truckloads of equipment have already arrived on site, including the three 50ft pump screws that circulate water through the immense interconnected river system that runs throughout the complex. The signature Torrent Tidal-Wave River is now 70% complete and will be the world’s longest at more than 1,600ft. Preparation work for the Kinderhaven children’s water activity area and the Henry’s Hideout hot tub with swim-up bar is also in progress.

Meanwhile two giant ferryboats are on site and ready to be refurbished and retrofitted with clean natural gas engines, demonstrating Schlitterbahn’s commitment to green practices. New retail, lodging and other entertainment elements will be introduced during additional phases through until 2011.

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