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Safari park triples cheetah population!

Largest group in UK

West Midland Safari Park in England has introduced a further six Cheetah to its Cheetah Plains exhibit, in turning creating the largest group of cheetah in the UK.

Cheetah are the fastest land animals on earth that can accelerate from 0–45 mph in just three seconds, reaching speeds of up to 70 mph. They are also critically endangered. Half to two thirds of the remaining population of wild cheetah are estimated to live in Namibia, a country with which the park has strong links.

The new animals brought to England – two males and four females – range between 7 and 15-months-old and have been re-homed from a captive breeding facility in South Africa. The park’s original two cheetah, Munya and Bulika, were introduced at the start of the season in February.

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