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Rulantica’s custom ProSlide RideHOUSE – Svalgurok – impresses guests and exceeds expectations

ProSlide Technology is said to be pleased at the reception of its instantly iconic custom RideHOUSE installation, Svalgurok, at Europa-Park’s Rulantica. As part of ProSlide’s WaterKINGDOM suite of aquatic play rides and attractions, this RideHOUSE is already one of the most talked about expansions of 2021. “Guests can’t stop talking about Svalgurok”, said Europa-Park owner Roland Mack. “From the rides to the design, to the theming and everything else, the RideHOUSE blows their expectations out of the water in every single way. Svalgurok is definitely the perfect outdoor addition to our unique water world, where ProSlide ́s high- quality products were already among the absolute highlights before. From lovingly themed slides for the youngest visitors to huge and spectacular slides, every guest is guaranteed to find exactly what they are looking for thanks to the outstanding collaboration with ProSlide.”

Rulantica’s RideHOUSE is housed outdoors and completely customized by ProSlide with gargantuan sea creatures that seamlessly integrate into the park’s mythologically inspired Scandinavian theming. The groundbreaking structure is a spectacular feat of design, engineering and storytelling that sets a new standard in aquatic play. Known as the ‘Nordic Outdoor World of Slides’, the addition has elevated the guest experience at the, already, world- leading water world to new heights of immersive entertainment. “Rulantica fulfilled its incredible vision to create a world-leading WaterKINGDOM RideHOUSE that extends and enhances their second-to-none theming”, said Jeff Janovich, ProSlide senior vice-president of Global Strategic Partnerships. “Svalgurok is our next-generation RideHOUSE that showcases how the world’s first interactive, robotic theming along with 10 tracks of cutting-edge ProSlide Water Rides work together to create an attraction unlike anything seen before.”

For the first time ever on an aquatic play structure, Svalgurok features a massive, interactive robotic theming element. Precise engineering enables the head on Svalgur (the giant sea serpent) to move and spray up to 200 gallons per minute of water from four nozzles inside its mouth. The scene outside at Rulantica depicts an awe-inspiring aquatic battle between the sea serpent Svalgur and a giant octopus – that is actually an expertly themed ProSlide Continuous BodyBOWL – with massive tentacles encircling the RideHOUSE. The theming on the structure is elevated by intricate detail work that has been integrated into every element to maintain the level of immersion for guests. Hand-painted theming on the water slides ensures they effortlessly blend into the structure, while the large fiberglass tipping bucket that holds the appearance of being constructed from fish bones heightens the experience. A tunnel – appearing to be made from whale bones – serves as a bridge between sections and even more subtle aspects like guardrails include immersive details, like hand-carved Viking shields and wood planks, to cement the fantasy experience is fully realised.


Svalgurok’s industry-leading theming is matched by the complement of expertly engineering, ProSlide water rides that make up the ride mix. An astounding mix of 10 tracks of high- performance ProSlide water rides are anchored to the RideHOUSE, providing a dizzying diversity of experiences in a single location. Complete with a competitive two-lane ProRACER®, three TWISTERS and four KIDZ TWISTERS, guests will marvel at the thrilling entertainment options available. “There’s really something for everyone on this particular RideHOUSE®”, says Kiel Graham, WaterKINGDOM Product Line Manager at ProSlide. “Together with the team at Rulantica, we made sure the water ride offering was second-to-none and, along with the theming, really elevated this RideHOUSE® to be something unlike anything else in the world.”

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