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Ropes on water!

Put a ropes course in a waterpark? Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Enter WhiteWater with its new AquaCourse, a multi-level play structure that sends safely harnessed guests through a course of ropes, towers, bridges and zip lines. The first unit has opened at Alabama’s Splash Adventure (formerly Alabama Adventures Theme Park) in the USA.

By removing all of the barriers of typical waterplay structures, such as decks and handrails, guests can safely interact with others without any obstacles in the way. Geysers bubble up from below, sprays drop from overhead, water guns shoot from side to side and even spectators can get in on the action by pulling a rope that dumps a bucket of water onto the head of those paying on the AquaCourse.

Up to 20 different types of automated and manually-operated water features can be combined in a variety of ways to make each AquaCourse installation as wet or dry as the operator desires.

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