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Rollercoaster riding for all!

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Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters has introduced a special device that allows those with physical disabilities to smoothly board a rollercoaster train.

The PTCI ADA amusement transfer accessibility device allows park guests to board a coaster train under their own power and ensure they remain secured and upright as the ride goes through its paces.


The American company has also released a new train called the PTCI-360º, with each articulated section made up of single rather than double rows of seats, as once the widely used on wooden coasters of the “Golden Age.” The PTCI-360º features a four-wheeled pilot car with a divided body that can lead up to 11 single two-passenger coaches. It can operate on virtually any wooden coaster track configuration including those with complete 360-degree inversions.


The new PTCI-360

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