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Ridercam becomes YouTube sensation!

Since Port Aventura installed a Ridercam DVD system on two of its coasters this summer, the popular Spanish park has witnessed over 200 ride videos make their way onto the YouTube website – a fantastic free marketing tool if ever there was one.

“We have sold many more DVDs than we ever expected,” says Carlo Goertjes of Lagotronics, which is operating the Ridercam system on a revenue-share basis with the park on behalf the German supplier.

Furius Baco, the first winged launch coaster from Intamin, has been installed with 36 cameras (pictured), one per pair of riders, while the wooden coaster Stampida features a total of 48 cameras across its four new KumbaK Coaster trains.

Working closely with KumbaK, Ridercam was the first company to supply an on-ride DVD system on a wooden coaster, a difficult installation because of the vibration associated with such rides compared to steel coasters.

Ridercam and Lagotronics are now working with several theme parks and ride manufacturers regarding future installations.

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