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Residents fail to disrupt Luna Park party

‘Unreasonable’ objections thrown out of court

Attempts by a group of well-heeled local residents to shut down rides at Sydney Luna Park (LPS) have failed in the New South Wales Supreme Court, Australia.

The residents, many of them in expensive apartments overlooking Sydney Harbour, wanted rides shut down and moved to another part of the park. They claimed that noise levels from screaming thrillseekers made life unbearable since the park re-opened in 2004. But those that moved in after the time – or when the 73-year-old park was previously open – surely have nothing to complain about.

“It is unreasonable for people to move next door to a legally operating fun park and expect to change the way it operates,” said Luna Park managing director Peter Hearne after Justice Paul Brereton dismissed claims the rides contravened a 1998 Plan of Management for the site. Hearne added that LPS had spent millions defending the action, and would apply for costs.

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