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Reinventing the wave pool

The American company Ocean Innovations boasts nine waterpark patents, with a further nine pending. The Liquid Slide is its answer to the question, “How can we improve the traditional wave pool?”

This next generation attraction offers a three-in-one solution for 30% less than existing wave pools and can be used as a wave pool, surf ride and fountain.

As the waves are delivered through the centre of the pool, there is no need for obstructive walls and guests can enter from all sides. The 360-degree design provides up to 75% more deck space, front row seating and potentially more retail opportunities.

According to Ocean Innovations’ Don Shearson, “There is a trend in the waterpark industry for adding extreme sports.” Shearson envisages the Liquid Slide being used as a traditional wave pool during the day, a geyser show at the end of the day, and then a wave ride in the evening as the park is opened up to younger guests.

Estimated capacity per hour is between 1,800-3,600 users as a wave pool, based on a 250-300ft diameter pool. Multiple riders can enjoy real waves when used as a surfing attraction.

The Liquid Slide uses Ocean Innovation’s Wave Master wave-making technology, which is located underneath the pool. The fountain system propels water as high as 25-metres (80ft) and uses laser lighting.

The product also has a very small “safe zone” and thus cuts down on chlorine and filtration requirements in the deep area. The pool also requires less construction and maintenance costs due to lack of walls.

“The industry has never seen such versatility from one wave pool,” concludes Shearson.

Almost 100 serious buyers expressed an interest in the Liquid Slide following its debut at IAAPA Attractions Expo and Ocean Innovations is now in negotiations with several clients

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