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Realfiction and LEGO test out mixed reality display

Realfiction Holding AB has installed one of its DeepFrame mixed reality displays at the LEGO headquarters in Billund, Denmark. The patent pending DeepFrame platform, which allows for mixed reality experiences without special glasses, will be evaluated over a two-week period.

The first DeepFrame product was recently awarded the “CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree” title, and could allow users to experience human-sized LEGO characters that interact with physical objects. Realfiction aims to implement DeepFrame in amusement parks, visitor centres, museums, showrooms, and experiential retail. The DeepFrame platform can also be used on smaller mobile phone-sized applications.

“LEGO will evaluate DeepFrame together with important target groups such as children and adolescents.” says Realfiction CEO Clas Dyrholm. “They will then share the information they have gathered with us, in order for us to improve and evolve the market-ready products. This will give us important insights for our further development of the platform, including the possibility for the end-consumer to easily create powerful 3D content.”

The DeepFrame project is partly financed by a grant from the Danish Market Development Fund.

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