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Puy du Fou launches the world’s longest show on ‘Le Grand Tour’

Recognised globally for its brilliant creations, Puy du Fou has established itself as a unique benchmark across the world for great shows inspired by history.

Now, it has announced the creation of the thrilling Le Grand Tour, which will carry its traveller-spectator guests on a 6-day, 5-night Grand Tour rail journey of discovery through the splendours of France. The experience will be available from summer 2023 but can be pre-booked now.


The 6-day, 5-night show will take its travellers across 4,000kms in an authentic Belle Epoque train on an experience punctuated by surprises and wonder, filled with stories and legends. Guests will travel across space and time, and through geography and history on a spectacular journey packed with romanticism and nostalgia.

Following the footsteps of travellers who, from the end of the 16th century, rounded off their cultural education with a voyage through France and Europe, once aboard, guests will explore the extent to which the great figures of the past have shaped our civilisation through culture and the arts.

Travelling from Champagne to Burgundy, from Lake Annecy to the Arcachon Basin, and from the Palace of the Popes in Avignon to the Châteaux of the Loire Valley, each stopover will present an opportunity to learn about great historical figures. The trip terminates at Puy du Fou in the Vendée.


Combining luxury with the wonderful décor of the Belle Epoque, the trip is a chance to rediscover the golden age of train travel. Designed as a theatre in motion, the train is a work of art in its own right. It is naturally enhanced by Puy du Fou’s trademark attention to detail, apparent in everything from the costumed on-board service to the elegant cabins. Relax in your lounge-style cabin by day until its transformation into a comfortable bedroom at night, linger over a drink in the convivial bar car and dine in the shimmering light of the train’s dining car.


This will be the first time in history that a 100% private rail company will transport passengers throughout the year on the French national rail network. Up until now, the SNCF and the companies operating on the French railways are all public or semi-public.

Thanks to the change in law which opened the national network to competition in January 2021, Puy du Fou has been able to create the first new national passenger rail network for nearly a century – since the inception of the SNCF in 1938. Working in close collaboration with SNCF Réseau, the tour of France will be punctuated by selected stopovers.



– 6 days and 5 nights

– 4000 kilometres of shows

– 30 travellers per week; 6,000 travellers anticipated in 2023

– 15 comfortable cabins, ranging from 10-30m². Cabins include private bathroom with shower and toilet

– 15 crew members

– 2 gourmet dining cars and 1 bar car

– Booking available now for all dates from summer 2023

– Once a booking is made, travellers are contacted by a Grand Tour ambassador to assist with adding personal touches to the trip


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