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Projects delayed at Big Rivers Waterpark

The Big Rivers Waterpark and Gator Bayou Adventure Park project, Texas, has been delayed. According to a company statement issued July 27: “We appreciate that the Houston area has waited a long time for Big Rivers Waterpark and Gator Bayou Adventure Park to open, and we want to give you the best experience possible. Our Operations Team is eager to provide our unique attractions. We are working with suppliers from at least six different nations, specialised contractors from a dozen states and construction teams from all over Texas, working through inclement weather, scorching heat and thousands of truck deliveries, to create Houston’s newest attraction.

In the past, we’ve given you our best guesses for an opening date, but weather and other challenges have caused delays, disappointing both you and the Big Rivers team. So, while we cannot just yet provide a firm opening date, we will be giving regular updates on our progress to the media and on Facebook. We are working as hard as possible to open as soon as possible, with amazing attractions unlike any in the Houston area. You deserve our best, and we are working around the clock to provide an incredible, fun- filled destination. So, hang in there: we will let you know soon what and when Big Rivers and Gator Bayou attractions will be up and running.”

Although construction delays are common in large projects such as this, these delays have been particularly disappointing for the surrounding area given the recent high temperatures. Video updates demonstrate the progress made and the view from Highway 242 provides a glimpse into many of the features that are in the process of being finished. The company will also be providing updates to schedules and opening dates on its website at

The developer, Monty Galland emphasised “We’ve had crews here daily and around the clock trying to get this done, but we want to make sure that when we open it’s as special an event for the public as it is for every member of the Big Rivers team. We value the public’s patience, and we will make the parks available as soon as possible.”

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