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Premier Rides awarded largest ever service contract

Premier Service, a division of Premier Rides, has received its largest ever service contract and will be producing a new fleet of trains in addition to providing other technology upgrades for a non-Premier Rides existing attraction. The location of the project will be announced at the appropriate time by the client. The trains will incorporate advanced technology elements used on the Sky Rocket series of attractions that have been extremely popular with guests due to the ability to combine enhanced rider comfort features with high thrill elements and high speed. Additionally, the trains will incorporate some new precision-machined lightweight technologies as part of the adaptation to the existing ride’s track design.

“We are honoured to be able to provide a fantastic technical upgrade to a truly iconic roller coaster,” noted Premier Rides president Jim Seay. “Fans will be excited when the location of the effort is announced. The Sky Rocket attractions continue to be recognized for their advanced technology and superior rider comfort, and the Premier team is certain that the addition of these newest generation of trains will take this coaster’s ride experience to the next level. There are always unique challenges in layering advanced technology equipment onto an existing attraction. All through the design and integration phases, our technical team has worked closely with the client’s talented maintenance team who are passionate about keeping their equipment operating at the highest level and raising the guest experience. This new fleet of trains will help them do just that.”

The project goal is to have the trains available for the 2021 season. The upgrade is aimed at providing a ride experience that will motivate riders to desire to ride multiple times. And after the pandemic, this major upgrade is seen as a powerful way to bring back old fans and create new ones.

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