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Polin Waterparks Introduces Next Level Image Recognition Technology: AIPIX

Polin Waterparks is launching their new waterpark image recognition technology, AIPIX, making it easier than ever for guests and owners to capture more experiences in action than ever before.

AIPIX is a next-level image recognition technology that is much more complicated and advanced than the common face recognition systems that need a clear portrait shot to properly detect the individual. With its specially developed artificial intelligence architecture, AIPIX can detect the individual even if their eyes are closed, face is partially blocked or if they are widely screaming. With the strategically placed cameras, owners can capture these memories in real time as live videos, stills and from the best points of view.

AIPIX offers several unique benefits. Its very easy, extremely smart, and user friendly interface allows visitors to explore, buy, and share by using only their “selfie.” Visitors can instantly share their experiences in their social media posts which provides parks with instant, natural, and free social media marketing. With the instant uploads to the visitors phone, it allows them to spend more time, and money, in the park rather than standing in long lines at the end of the ride waiting for their photos to upload for purchase. These instant images can be purchased now or later, which provides long lasting memories and revenue.

AIPIX can provide personalized and general insight and data analytics to owners including usages, gender, age, locations, time and even relations. This unique business model provides park owners with a cutting-edge image recognition technology, professional installation, and an instant revenue stream without any up front costs. AIPIX’s technology is compatible with all smart phones and instantly uploads photos and videos to visitors for their viewing and purchasing. This instant upload also allows visitors to put down their phones and just enjoy the ride.

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