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Polin unveils King Cobra

Combining an intense riding experience with great visual impact and spectator appeal, King Cobra from Polin offers a unique waterpark experience.“

The core feature of the patent pending slide,” says Polin project manager Eyup Ispiroglu, “is its unique configuration that enables riders in double tubes to race through a circular path with twists, turns and the drop of their lives.”

The ride starts inside a pair of tubes as riders race through a series of surprises inside the enclosed structure. Suddenly they come to what they think is the end of the ride, then drop down at an angle of 50 degrees, plunging 8-metres, accelerating to a speed of 51 km/h.

“The two riders are now on the same slide,” continues Ispiroglu. “This is unique in the industry – two tubes leaving different slides and ending up side by side on the same sliding surface. The excitement of an une”

But it doesn’t end there. The riders and their tubes now head into the mouth of Cobra with fog, jets of water, a high-pitched hiss and other effects.

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