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Polin Aquariums unveils latest project

Polin Aquariums has successfully finished another aquarium project in Turkey. Trabzon Aquarium is the first aquarium in the Black Sea region, and is the first aquarium built inside a tunnel connecting the Zagnos and Tabakhane valleys of Trabzon.

The aquarium floor area is 3500 m² with 8 different zones. From the entrance, guests will enjoy the world’s lakes and rivers which display different species from the Amazon River, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Malawi. Following lakes and rivers, the terrarium zone is displaying reptiles from different areas. The experience zone of the aquarium shows guests the daily routine of the aquarists and biologists.


The fourth zone of the aquarium consists the different fish species from different seas. Following that zone, the Shark Hall provides information about shark anatomy, their habitats, and all educational content related to one of the most extraordinary creatures of our world.

The touch and discover zone will serve as another educational zone with many different encounter experiences for the guests. Before the main attraction of the aquarium, the caved zone will consist of different species from the deep waters of our seas.

Finally, a 21 meters long tunnel awaits the guests at the end of the aquarium. This tunnel aquarium consists mainly of all aquatic animals from the Turkish seas.

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