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Polin Aquariums opens Sea Shell Aquarium in Vietnam

Polin Aquariums has opened the Sea Shell Aquarium in Vinwonders Phu Quoc, the largest theme park in Vietnam.

VinWonders Phu Quoc covers six subdivisions including Medieval Europe, Magical World, Secret Village, Ocean Palace, Cyclone World, and Adventure World, and 12 unique stories inspired by human civilisation.


After the completion of the water park by Polin Waterparks, Polin Aquariums designed the Life Support Systems of the entire aquarium and supplied, installed, and commissioned the Life Support Systems including the automation and BMS. It features nearly 70 compact filtration units, 14 record-breaking MS-1000 Protein Skimmers manufactured by ADEC (Certified by Official World Records), and a total of 92 skimmers. All life support system components have been configurated to ensure the best filtration solution for the marine life of Sea Shell Aquarium.


The total filtered water volume of the aquarium is 20.486 m3 and in one hour 26.367 m3 water circulates through the Life Support Systems. Polin Aquariums spent 56.250 man/hours on-site and installed 16.500 kms of PVC pipe which includes 750 mm diameter pipes with using hydraulic press installation method to provide smooth operation ability in the long-term usage of these lines.



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