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Pipeline is open at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando’s all-new Pipeline: The Surf Coaster opened on 27 May with a special ceremony featuring a ‘beach-front’ ribbon cutting, in keeping with the ride’s surf theme.

The new attraction celebrates the iconic surfing cultures found around the world with a unique surfboard ride vehicle that gives riders an immersive experience when their seats rise and fall to mimic the sensation of riding on a wave.

Guests take their position in the upright stance of a pro surfer and embark on a journey of twists and turns on an iconic, gnarly surfboard. Riders will be amazed as they encounter five airtime movements, including a thrilling ‘wave curl’ inversion that replicates the well-known ‘alley-oop’ surfing manoeuvre.

This coaster stands apart from others not only in its design but also in the unique sensations it evokes. With a track spanning 2,950 feet, a maximum speed of 60 MPH, and reaching a height of 110 feet, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster has been designed to offer a thrilling experience that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The brand-new coaster is located at the front of the park between Flamecraft Bar and Bayside Stadium.

Park president Jon Peterson said: “Pipeline is a one-of-a-kind thrill ride that caters to all levels of excitement and complements our existing exhilarating ride portfolio perfectly. With its unique design and evocative sensations, Pipeline stands apart from other coasters. SeaWorld now boasts the most coasters in a single theme park in Orlando, and we can’t wait to introduce our guests to this highly anticipated coaster.”

As an ongoing reflection of the company’s commitment to conservation, SeaWorld has announced the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida as the official ride partner of Pipeline. Dedicated to conserving wild Florida, the foundation’s mission matches closely to SeaWorld’s, making it a perfect conservation partner to help educate riders about Florida’s natural bodies of land and water and its inhabitants.

“We are proud to partner with SeaWorld in our shared conservation mission to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting the Florida coral reef system which is the only coral reef system in the continental United States,” said Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida president and CEO, Andrew Walker. “SeaWorld has been a trusted partner in conservation for many years and we are thrilled to continue this collaboration with Pipeline.”

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