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Pier Hoppin’ at Morey’s

Morey’s Piers in New Jersey plans to build a 1km-long wooden coaster that will link the Surfside Pier and old Hunt’s Pier in the resort town of Wildwood.

The $12 million attraction, which may be ready for 2013 but will most likely debut in 2014, has been designed by Great Coasters International and will be 3,300ft-long (1,005m) in length. The lift hill will stand approximately 110ft (33m) above the beach and feature a 100ft first drop, generating a top speed of 53 mph (85km/h).

The section where the coaster bridges over the beach to connect the two piers will be constructed as a cantilevered bridge. The wooden coaster will be a custom twister type ride, with a twisting, diving first drop, two sections beneath SurfsidePier and plenty of elevation and banking changes, with high-speed pacing throughout.

The ride will be supplied with GCI’s Millennium Flyer train, while the layout will take maximum advantage of the surrounding attractions, buildings and beach to create a landmark structure that will be unique to Morey’s Piers.

Brothers Will and Jack Morey are still debating the name, to be either Boardwalk Flyer or Wildwoody. Park World prefers the second option.

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