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Picsolve announces digital platform with facial recognition technology

Creator and distributor of digital content Picsolve has launched a new digital platform designed to revolutionise the creation, collation and distribution of content. Using facial recognition technology, Picsolve’s new platform allows the company to build on its existing image-based product suite, providing the foundations for seamless integration of content into the visitor experience.

Through facial recognition, the new platform allows content created by Picsolve at an attraction to be identified and organised, presenting visitors with their own personalised digital album. This gives consumers the opportunity to immediately purchase the images, with the option of sharing instantly on social media, or enjoy and share content retrospectively by accessing the link and purchasing the content after their visit.

Destination visitors select their image from an existing photo or selfie upload. If they opt in, during the rest of their visit Picsolve’s advanced association technology identifies them at multiple content creation points using facial recognition.

Picsolve’s new digital platform can link content created by advanced ride capture, roaming photographers, queue-line green screen experiences, and even its patented video Experience Wall.

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