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Petro Art Production to build volcano for new Philippine theme park “Pradera Islands”

Construction of the newly-developed theme park “Pradera Islands” in the Philippines has already begun . Rockwork-specialist Petro Art Production has been commissioned by Immersive Planet, the Spanish design agency that developed the masterplan and overall design of the park.

The scope of Petro Art Production includes the execution of the shotcrete for the park’s iconic ride “The Secret of Arayat”, which revolves around the tale of Mount Arayat. The almost-20-meter-high and over-50-meter-wide eyecatcher of the 23-hectare park will be placed in the centre of the park’s lake. Next to the rockwork for the volcano, the stamped concrete and rockwork of the bridge leading up to it and the entrance gate of the attraction will also be part of the job for the Slovenian and German-based rockwork company.


In addition, Petro Art Production is responsible for the rockwork in the interior of the dark ride attraction. In a natural cave and mining style, over 1.000 m2 of rockwork with glow-in-the-dark paint highlights will be constructed, as theming for part of the queue line and within the dark ride itself.


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