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Peter Petz unveils solar-powered carousel

Peter Petz’s first solar-powered carousel was created in 1989, a simple three-seater construction. But now the German rider manufacturer has produced this new 7-metre diameter ride accommodating 52 passengers on 16 moving horses, four rotating balloons and additional seating.

The first version of the ride is now in operation at Athens Zoo in Greece, where it is operated by event management company MMP.

The three dishes on top of the ride are reminiscent of a carousel presented at the 1886 Paris World’s Fair, which used mirrors to absorb the sun and generate steam.

Petz’s new ride uses photovoltaic panels, power from which is converted via computer into DC current to drive an electric motor. Alternatively, the power can harnessed and fed into the public grid.

“Our 25 years’ experience in sustainable development and construction have allowed us to realise larger and more energy efficient amusement rides,” says Peter Petz. “Following this new project we now have plans for a number of new developments.”

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