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Peppa and friends receive a warm welcome at Heide Park Resort

On Saturday, March 24, Heide Park opened its gates to families waiting to explore Peppa Pig Land – the park’s newest attraction. In addition to this kiddie-themed land, Heide Park has new thrill events and updates planned for the next two years.

Peppa Pig Land has been designed for preschool children and houses four attractions. Families can visit Peppa’s house, ride on George’s dinosaurs through six scenes, travel with Grandpa Pig on a train, or with Peppa on a boat. Additionally, little ones will have the chance to meet and greet Peppa herself – as well as her friends and little brother.

“Peppa Pig is extremely popular with children and we have received a lot of positive feedback about our novelty even before the start of the season. I am delighted that so many bright children dedicate all the attractions on the first day of the season,” said Sabrina de Carvalho, managing director of Heide Park Resort. “Our three new Peppa Pig rooms at the Heide Park Adventure Hotel are already nearly 60 percent fully booked. This is a great success!”

Adrenaline junkies will be able to take part in the park’s Zombie Escape events, where teams of six to eight guests enter a restricted zone in Heide park – full of zombies and ghouls. The goal is to decipher parts of a code at different stations to neutralise the mutating virus, all while fending off the zombies who will try and stop them at every turn. Zombie Escape is a mixture of escape rooms and zombie runs.

Additionally, Heide Park’s Intamin installed Colossos roller coaster will return in 2019 – until then, a total of €12m will be spent on renewing the wooden Kerto rail which spans 1.5 kilometres.

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