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PeopleVisionFX to debut AnimatedRealityÔ at IAAPA Expo, Booth 2849

PeopleVisionFX will be exhibiting its newest special effect technologies at IAAPA Attractions Expo, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, 16 – 19 November, booth 2849. The display will include the worldwide debut of the company’s new technique for AnimatedRealityÔ.

AnimatedReality allows for holographic elements that are fully integrated within real physical environments. Images can be produced in virtually any size to communicate any story — all without the need for any special headgear.

Utilising the unique PhotonOpticon system for image projection, AnimatedReality creates novel experiences that captivate audiences and communicate information. The technique literally adds a new dimension to real environments.

AnimatedReality is a novel and natural addition to holographic imaging. It is specifically designed for face-to-face applications such as themed attractions, museums, trade shows and special events. The technology goes beyond the flat confines of conventional video to include almost unlimited information such as lighthearted animations, photos, and videos, all in actual 3D holographic space.

Wayne Sullivant, president of PeopleVisionFX says that the development of AnimatedReality was prompted by the need to communicate with an audience that can be unimpressed with traditional media. According to Sullivant, “AnimatedReality utilizes holographic images to attract an attentive audience and engage the audience in a fun, interactive involvement with any presentation.”

AnimatedReality can attract an audience, communicate in a memorable way, and tell an innovative story through the use of an innovative technology.

Presentations featuring AnimatedReality can be modular and upwardly compatible, so that the design can be upgraded for future events and to incorporate new stories. The technology is compact, adaptable and reliable, with no moving parts.

PeopleVisionFX, of Roselle, NJ, produces and markets creative special effects for theme parks, museums and corporate exhibits. PeopleVisionFX technologies include a unique system for three-dimensional video projection. Products using this technique include the SpokesMannequinÒ, an animated figure that accurately reproduces the voice, likeness and expressive nuances of a live presenter. In addition to the SpokesMannequin, other dimensional video products from PeopleVisionFX include the MagicBookÔ, the Anatomical VideoSculptureÔ and FollowTechÔ effects.

IAAPA Attractions Expo is the premier international exhibition for the amusement park and themed venue industries. The show will be held at the Orange County Convention Center and will include nearly 500,000 square feet of exhibits. More than 32,000 theme park professionals are expected to attend. The show is produced by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

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