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Parque de Diversiones Opens in Cuba

Parque de Diversiones, a modern amusement park with Chinese technology, Wi-Fi, computerized spaces, and a braille guidance system for children with visual disabilities has opened in Cienfuegos, Cuba.

It was built at a cost of 2,774,000 pesos, or $2.774 million. That includes the cost of two Chinese carousels and an electric train. In addition, another train with a cybercar and automated computer equipment is available to infants. An orientation guide in Braille is available for blind and visually impaired children so they can know in what exact place of the park they are. Children and their parents can attend a 3D room with a capacity for 60 spectators, and visit areas for the exhibition and sale of fish, pony rides, displays of birds, and space for music shows. There is a tent selling light foods, a cafeteria, a pizzeria, and two restaurants.

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