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Park World Excellence Awards: Changes to this year’s entry deadline

We at the Park World Excellence Awards recognise that in light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, many theme parks, waterparks, FECs and other attractions are currently closed and the exciting launches that you have been hard at work preparing for may not be introduced before the summer.

We are actively monitoring the situation and at this stage have decided it is only right to extend the entry deadline by a month to ensure that manufacturers, suppliers and operators can still be honoured for their latest novelties.

The timeframe for entries has been extended by a month, meaning that attractions introduced in the EMEA between July 1st 2019 and July 31st 2020 will be still be eligible to compete at the Park World Excellence Awards 2020. As a result of this, the deadline for entries will also be extended to July 31st 2020.

This industry is one that never stands still and while we are all collectively facing unprecedented hurdles, now is the time to focus on the future – whether that be laying out the blueprints for your next attraction, planning an unforgettable experience for your visitors or preparing your entry in anticipation of a Park World Excellence Awards win!

We look forward to seeing the industry reopen and celebrating the best of the bunch at the Park World Excellence Awards.

The Park World Excellence Awards Team

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