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Ocean Odyssey opens at Marineland

Marineland in Ontario, Canada, recently introduced Ocean Odyssey, a new family ride from Zierer.

The 6-metre-tall attraction features a giant purple octopus at its centre with a flying fish on the end of each of its 12 tentacles. Each fish seats two riders, who use a joystick to direct their car up and down hydraulically.

“Ocean Odyssey is the perfect addition to our current selection of rides,” believes Marineland owner John Holer, “as it will very much appeal to families. I’m very careful when choosing rides. The most important factor is that it has to have wide appeal. Adults and children must be able to ride with few restrictions.”

The new ride is visually stunning with its Jules Verne-like theming. The octopus appears to emerge from a circular fountain of water that constantly sprays water from the base of the ride. “Its design is very attractive,” adds Holer. “The sound of water splashing into the pool beneath adds to its theming and matches our theme of marine animals, fish and octopi.”

Situated near Niagara Falls, Marineland offers a variety of attractions including a dolphin, walrus and sea lion show, killer whales performances, unsurpassed viewing and interaction with beluga whales, wildlife displays and of course amusement rides.

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