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New zone at Energylandia, Aqualantis, coming soon

Aqualantis, the newest zone of Polish theme park Energylandia, will open this season. It has been designed by Jora Vision to resemble an ancient, sunken city and it sprawls over an area of six hectares.

At the same time, Engergylandia will also open Abyssus: “yet another spectacular roller coaster” and the new land’s main attraction. A Shockwave Double Launch Coaster made by Vekoma, it is understood to consist of 90, 500 elements and weigh 815 tonnes. Each car weighs 7 tonnes, and can take 16 passengers at a time.

Commenting on the ride experience, a spokesperson for the park said: “We will not take you slowly to the top of the track, as the traditional lift has been replaced with an electromagnetic launch. The force of the Abyssus is simply incredible! It is 5210 KM, which equals the power of 7 engines of Formula 1 racing cars. Thanks to its enormous force, the Double Launch Coaster can reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h! During the ride on the impressive 1316 m long track, you will hit 4 spectacular inversions and reach a height of just over 38 m. Numerous turns, fast changes of levels, and the resulting high overloads and wonderful effects of weightlessness – all this will make your adrenaline levels soar. And then, all of a sudden, about midway through the ride, the effect of weightlessness will knock you into your seat a second time, thanks to the magnetic ejection. Hard to believe? But true! Passengers will travel over small lakes, ponds, and various water features during the ride. The creators of the coaster, however, assure us that no one will get wet, because the cars will not come in direct contact with water at any point. So, who’s up for a ride?”

Aqualantis opens a new chapter in the construction and theming of the next development stages at Energylandia. The party responsible for the design, visual effects and theming is Jora Vision from the Netherlands.
The story of the new zone at Energylandia makes references to the ancient city of Atlantis. One day the city was taken by a giant wave. It wasn’t until recently that the ruins have been found by some brave explorers. They’ve built a pumping station whose replica you can find in Abyssus. The Roller Coaster has been designed like a pumping station for draining water from the sunken kingdom. Now the time has come for all of us to take an active part in the exploration of Aqualantis, the 6th zone at Energylandia! Each step will take us deeper into the incredible story of this amazing city. “The streets resembling an ancient, sea land and many more details made with utmost precision… Aqualantis is the place where whole families will be able to enjoy many unbelievable attractions that were never seen before,” continued the spokesperson.

10 New Attractions
Aqualantis will feature a total of ten new rides and attractions. The Light Explorer is a family boomerang roller coaster, or a coaster that moves along the track heading one way, and then returns with all passengers facing backwards. Another new attraction is the Grotto Expedition, a sightseeing boat expedition that leads through mysterious caves and a magnificent lagoon outside the city.

There are also smaller carousels in the new area you will find several smaller carousels. One of them is the Burning Engine, which allows the kids to sit behind the wheel of a “real fire engine” and try to extinguish fire in a small building in the middle. The other attraction for children will be the Submarine Dive, a carrousel with small submarine boats. Some other things that you will be able to find in the new part of the Park are Water Works, a water playground, and new interactive carrousels: Stormy Ship and Magic Pump. For those, who like to stay on the dry land, but love spectacular shows, Energylandia has prepared something really special. You will be able to enjoy the Aquajump stunts, which are acrobatic jumps into the water of a high tower. We know that you will enjoy watching those brave artists a lot. In addition to all this, in the new zone you will be able to take a ride on the Tidal Wave Twister. It is a Disco Coaster, a twirling disc which moves around a short track, just like it was dancing, and pivoting up and down. “This is how we are going to waltz into the main market square of the city. This is the place where people used to meet up, rest, and catch their breath. It isn’t going to be any different this time around, as we will find a number of snack and delicious sweets selling points here. Aqualantis will also have plenty of little shops with souvenirs from such amazing adventures,” promises the Park.

Plans for the future
“This new zone is not the end of the development of our Park, it is just the beginning!” said a spokesperson. “In the future our Park will span 200 hectares. Those plans involve an expansion of new theme lands, and certainly new roller coasters! There will also be new attractions, an indoor water park, more restaurants, and a hotel. We know that our Polish and foreign Guests have fallen in love with our roller coasters and choose this type of entertainment more and more frequently. Zator already attracts millions of visitors from all over Europe who are looking for an attractive way to spend their free time. It is for you that Energylandia works so hard to ensure that your visit to our Park was full of joy, carefree fun, happiness, incredible adventures, and unforgettable memories. Head to Zator and find out for yourselves. You won’t regret it! “

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